Happy Channel is a program organized by Taggle, in partnership with Singhealth for the senior citizens in nursing homes and senior activity centres to play Kinect games to keep active.


There is a series of simple games created for the senior citizens with the Microsoft Kinect System which have been installed in more than 10 centres across Singapore. Sessions with the seniors are being conducted with help from centre managers.


There is an on-going monthly competition among the centres for the most active senior and centre with accumulated gameplay hours. Finally, on 23rd March 2019, there will be a Super Senior Games (SSG) Cup in which each centre sends in their best team to compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.

Game Hacks

To control the pointer:
Raise your left hand

To Start: T-pose


To Quit:
Raise left hand straight

Safety: Ensure that the area is clear from chairs and tables.

The active player is indicated as a yellow skeleton on the screen

The Games (Rated from Easy to Difficult)

  1. Fishing Hero
  2. Treasure Hunt
  3. Park Whiz Arcade
  4. Pinball
  5. Mahjong Ninja
  6. Foozpong
  7. BBQ Master

Fishing Hero is a single-player game. The player has to throw the fishing line and reel it in as fast as possible.

  • 3 Levels
  • To catch 10 fish as fast as possible
  • Higher points awarded for fast actions.

Treasure Hunt is a single-player game. To grab as much as coins as possible within a fixed time-frame.

Park Whiz Arcade is a single-player game that stimulates walking in the park. Objective is to walk as far as possible while avoiding kids and gaining power-ups within a fixed time-frame.

Pinball is a single-player game. There are 5 balls provided. The player is to score as many points as possible.

  • There can be three balls played at one single time.
  • A heart icon constantly moves around the board and will score points when hit.
  • The balloon icon, when hit by the ball, slows the ball down.

Mahjong is a single-player game. The player has to look at the combinations on the board and catch the tiles as they get thrown up.

FoosPong is a two-player game that is a cross between table tennis and football. 

BBQ Master is a single-player game.

Player has to cook the specified number of fish.


Each of the centres face unique challenges in getting the seniors to be actively engaged in gameplay. Furthermore, due to the unfamiliarity of such technology among the older generation, there is a need for volunteers to help with the sessions.

We hope to invite student leaders to partner with us to conduct the sessions at the elderly care centres as well as teach the seniors and also motivate them to keep active with exercise for better health. There is a severe lack of social interaction and motivation among these seniors and we hope to encourage a sense of empowerment by pairing them up with our younger generation.

There is a competition for our volunteers too. Volunteers will be given points based on the role they take up for each session which will be keyed in to their personal and polytechnic account. For each creative solution they come up with and implement to engage with the seniors, more points will be awarded by centre managers. More details will be up on the Facebook page.

Student leader roles:

  1. Session lead: Conducts session in front while guiding the elderly on the exercise routine, game movements during game-play
  2. Timekeeper: Ensures all of the seniors have a chance to play the different games assigned for the session
  3. Motivator / Teaching: Encourages the seniors who are not playing the games to copy the movements. In high-functioning centres, this person might be conducting another session to teach basic digital techniques such as taking photos with phones and adding a Whatsapp contact
  4. Evaluator: Evaluates the session and helps out as needed. Gives feedback to centre manager and ensures elderly coupons are recorded and student points are uploaded to the system

Center Managers


1. How to set up the equipment given to each centre?

The following items are given:

  1. Mini-PC
  2. Kinect + Power Adaptor
  3. Extension Cable
  4. HDMI Cable (if centre does not have its own)
  5. Wireless Keyboard

To switch on the system, connect the equipment together, and on the small power button in the Mini-PC. This screen should appear at the My Games menu:

2. How to register a new user with a QR code?

Step 1: Go to the website portal.tagglehealth.com.

Step 2: Login with your centre’s account credential provided by Taggle

Step 3: Go to Manage Clients tab. Add new client by clicking on

Step 4: When ready, click on to save new client

Step 5: Once your new client is added, click on to generate the client’s QR code

Step 6: When the QR code is generated, it appears like this and you may click on this icon to print the QR code.

>> Yay, a personalized QR code has been generated for each user.



3. How to make gameplay faster? Organize a team!

Step 1: Go to the website portal.tagglehealth.com. Login with your centre’s account credential provided by Taggle

Step 2: Go to Manage Teams tab.

Step 3: Add new client by clicking on

Step 4: You may search your clients by the dropdown list or by searching

Step 5: When ready, click on to save new team

>> Well done! Team has been organized!



4. How to organize a competition between two teams in the centre?

Step 1: From My Games menu, click on to return to Main Menu page shown below:

Step 2: Go to Competition Mode

Step 3: Select one or two team depending on your choice of competition:

Step 4: For Hi-Score competition among one group, click on any one team and see selection For Team A vs. Team B competition, click on any two teams.

Step 5: Once ready, scroll to right and click on

Now, senior teams can play against each other!

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