Taggle Background

Taggle was founded in August 2014 as a Healthcare Driven Community Initiative to extend reach of healthcare into the community for Wellness and Health maintenance, monitoring and prevention using a game-based, fun and interactive approach. 

Taggle Platform

Game Manager

Connect user with game store, track data and give users insight on their health and game activities


A portal to connect users together through games, challenges

Taggle Game packs

We released total of 11 games in our 2 free game packs. They can be used as general exercise and data will be captured to provide more insight on your exercise.

Taggle Starter Pack

  • Wipe Out
  • Kick fit
  • Parkwhiz
  • Foodbank
  • FAST Game
  • Fruit Shoot
Taggle Retro Pack
  • Mahjong Ninja
  • Pinball
  • WallZ
  • FoosPong
  • ThrillerZ

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